ONE of the region’s police forces has put its support behind a teenage rape prevention campaign.

The Home Office recently re-launched the national campaign which is aimed at 13 t0 18-year-olds and aims to educate teenagers and prevent them from becoming victims or perpetrators of rape, sexual assault, violence or abuse.

The campaign, which launched on Sunday, also encourages youngsters to challenge and report sexually violent behaviour.

Cleveland Police force are getting behind the campaign by sending officers and partner agencies to deliver its message around schools and colleges.

Cleveland’s Head of Public Protection, Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Jason Dickson, said: “We know all too well that abuse or violence can happen in any relationship whether heterosexual or same sex and it’s also important to remember that males can be victims too. We must help to reinforce the message that some behaviour or actions are simply not acceptable in a relationship.

“By continuing to support the national campaign, Cleveland Police is reassuring all young people that we and our partners are here to offer help, advice and support to any young person who finds him or herself suffering sexual violence or abuse.

“Young people can be confident we will thoroughly investigate any allegations of abuse within a relationship and we will do all we can to bring perpetrators to justice.”

For local advice on sexual abuse, contact the Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 01642-516888 or visit