THE DAUGHTER of a renowned artist has published a book about his life.

Mario Capaldi, who died in 2004, worked successfully as an artist for more than 40 years. He illustrated children’s books and comics for the likes of Enid Blyton and Marvel and painted Victorian and biblical scenes.

Teesside University graduate Vanda Capaldi, has released ‘Mario: A Biography in Poetry’, which documents the struggles her father faced growing up in the Scots-Italian community in Glasgow during the Second World War.

She said: “My father suffered racial prejudice as a child, especially after Mussolini sided with Hitler and Churchill declared all Italian nationals who were living and working in Britain as enemy aliens.”

The book also highlights through a series of poems, Mr Capaldi’s battles with his parents, who did not support his artistic ambitions or approve of his romance with a local girl.

Ms Capaldi said: “I thought that Mario’s story may be of interest to young people today who are also facing difficulties in a time of austerity, they too may be striving against the odds to achieve their ambitions. The themes of the book could have universal appeal as they deal with conflict, loyalty, love and loss.”

The book is available from A poetry performance and informal talk about Ms Capaldi’s book will be held at Middlesbrough’s Central Library on Thursday from 7pm. For more details contact Lisa White on 01642-729426.