A WOMAN who waged a two-year campaign of harassment against her partner's former lover has been jailed for 14 months.

Details of the case emerged when Donna Dawson appeared at Teesside Crown Court.

Dawson was angry that her victim had reported her new relationship to work bosses and sparked a disciplinary probe.

The court heard how 29-year-old Dawson had been a mental health patient at a hospital where the other two women were employed.

Aggrieved at cheating claims and a suggestion of improper conduct, Dawson spent two years hounding her new lover's ex.

She damaged the nursing assistant's car on four occasions and hurled two concrete blocks through patio doors of her home.

At the time, the victim was at work but her new partner was at home with her two children, who were asleep upstairs.

Jailing her, the judge, Recorder Edward Bindloss told short-haired Dawson: “They were vulnerable. You put them at risk by your actions.

“Thankfully, they were upstairs and now downstairs, under the glass that could have smashed all over them. This was repeated victimisation.”

Dawson, of Lancaster House, Eston, Middlesbrough, admitted a charge of taking revenge and of breaching a suspended sentence.

The court heard that the suspended term had been imposed for damaging her victim's car just eight days before the attack on the house.

In a statement, the victim said she has since had to move out of their home and change her vehicle to stop Dawson targeting them.

Rachel Dyson, mitigating, said: “Miss Dawson realises that her behaviour for a significant period of time has been completely inappropriate.

“She is horrified that there was a possibility that those children could have been in that room, and, therefore, injured. She is incredibly remorseful.

“Miss Dawson realises the line has to be drawn. She has been in custody since August and, perhaps, has done just that.”

An indefinite restraining order was imposed by Mr Recorder Bindloss to prevent Dawson going near or communicating with her victims.