STICKERS designed to promote Wensleydale are starting to appear in shop windows, cars and businesses, and now at one of the country’s favourite tourist destinations.

Designed by the Lower Wensleydale Area Partnership, the stickers show Penhill. The aim is that they are displayed at shops, cafes, and businesses locally and visitors will take them home and display them ensuring they are seen throughout the UK and abroad.

Richard Sanderson, spokesman for the Partnership, said: “The stickers feature an iconic view of Wensleydale and they are already starting to appear everywhere. We hope any visitors who like it here will display them in their car windows. Who knows they might be seen as far as the US, Japan, or Australia.”

Supporting the initiative is the Forbidden Corner, one of the county’s leading tourist attractions which is now displaying several at their entrance.

Manager Wendy Reeve said: “We are happy to support this initiative if it helps promote Lower Wensleydale as a tourist destination.”

Available from the tourist information point at the Dales Haven in Leyburn, along with shops and businesses, the stickers are free.