A PUMPKIN weighing more than 58 stones has been grown in a Cleveland allotment.

The orange giant weighed in at a whopping 822lbs.

Terry Smith grew the pumpkin at his allotment in Middlesbrough. This year’s effort is twice the size of last year’s biggest, which came in at 348lbs, much to the delight of his grandson, Byron James.

The BT engineer from Easterside, Teesside said: “I used a different tactic this year – I grew the pumpkins inside.

“Normally I grow them outdoors but I used a polytunnel this time and it has made a big difference. I can’t believe how big it is. We have never had them this size before. It is very hard to move it.”

The heaviest pumpkin recorded was grown in the US earlier this month on Rhode Island, which tipped the scales at an incredible 2,009lbs.