NORTH-EAST embroiderers have struck gold with an exhibition inspired by the region’s mining industry.

Their Mining a Golden Seam collection was a hit with visitors when it was displayed at Alexandra Palace, in London, in October and it is now on its way to the Harrogate International Centre.

The exhibition features 80 pieces hand-stitched by groups within the North- East Embroiderers’ Guild, which has more than 400 members across 12 regional branches, including in Richmond, Darlington and Durham.

Joy Bradshaw, the North- East Embroiderers’ Guild regional chairwoman, said that, while many of the pieces literally depicted the history and heritage of the north’s mining industry, some took a more metaphorical approach, which has led to an interesting exhibition.

“You can take mining as a metaphor for exploration,”

said Mrs Bradshaw “Some members liked to think about exploring their imaginations or exploring things that were special to them. One of the groups took personal photographs and presented them as embroidered pieces.

“There are quite a lot of surprises in the exhibition.”

Mrs Bradshaw added: “A number of people concentrated on the history and heritage of the mining industry – that does come through strongly.”

The exhibition, which launched at the McGuinness Gallery in Bishop Auckland last year, will next be shown at the Harrogate International Centre, from November 22 to 25, as part of the Knitting and Stitching Show.

It will then travel to Darlington’s Crown Street library and will be on display from January 19 to February 20.