CAMPERS at one of the highest and latest music festivals in the UK found it was also one of the coldest as they endured a night of snow.

About 200 festival-goers turned up at the weekend to the Ravenstonedale After Party, which was held in and around the Tan Hill Inn near Reeth, the highest pub in Great Britain.

Whilst many stayed at the North Yorkshire pub, others camped in vans and a few in tents.

As temperatures dipped below freezing, the resilient campers found they were sleeping beneath a blanket of snow.

The mini music festival was billed as an event for those “not yet ready to hang up their festival boots” and was set up by the organisers of the Ravenstonedale Festival, which takes place in June in Kirby Stephen, Cumbria.

Festival organiser Suzie Metcalfe said: “We held it here as a one-off. We thought we would have a cosy festival, somewhere a bit different.

“A lot of people stayed in vans and a few people did still camp. It was actually snowing.

“But it was just one of those things. If you have a party in November in the highest pub in the country you have to be a bit hardcore.

Darlington and Stockton Times: tan hill

“The people in tents said they had been quite warm but the people that stayed in the vans said it was freezing. But everybody had a really good time.

“The festival carried on until 4am so there wasn’t much sleeping anyway.”

The snow arrived on Saturday night, but had disappeared by mid-morning on Sunday. Most of the music acts played in the inn’s annexe, whilst outside there was a bonfire and fireworks.

Landlady Tracy Daly managed to help the festival-goers stave off the cold by keeping the pub’s log fires burning and supplying hot, mulled drinks.

She said: “We had a fantastic mulled cider to keep them warm, I make it in the morning and keep it simmering all day.

“They were hardy revellers. It must have been one of the coldest and highest festivals this year.”