BANK details belonging to an elderly murder victim were found in the house where the man accused of the killing stayed the night of his death, a court heard.

James Allen is accused of murdering Colin Dunford in his Middlesbrough home in April this year.

This morning, Craig Lines told Newcastle Crown Court how Allen turned up on his doorstep needing somewhere to stay the night after falling out with his partner.

The witness told how Allen came and went during the evening and at one point returned sweating with a snotty nose. He also told how Allen had a small spot of blood on his sock which the defendant claimed was caused by a blister on his foot.

The jury was told that a bank statement belonging to Mr Dunford was found under the cushion of one of Mr Lines' sofa.

CCTV footage shown to the jury showed Allen and Mr Lines at a Sainsbury store where one of Mr Dunford's missing bank cards was used.

John Bromley- Davenport, defending, accused Mr Lines of embellishing his story in an attempt to protect himself and the person who really murdered Mr Dunford.

In a heated exchange between the QC and the witness, Mr Lines said: “I've got nothing to wriggle out of at all. I'm disgusted with the way you're trying to treat me.

“I would suggest to you that you someone like me with a little bit more respect.”

The court heard how Mr Lines had a death threat pushed through his door calling him a 'murdering nonce'.

James Allen, of Lothian Road, Middlesbrough, denies two charges of murder. He is accused of killing Mr Dunford before killing Julie Davison in Whitby three days later.

The 36-year-old denies both charges.