A FORTNIGHT ago we very excitedly told of the Lamson pneumatic cash dispenser that used to be in Barker’s in Northallerton, and we illustrated the article with a picture of the outside of the store. Lots of people kindly responded to our request for the identity of the car parked in front of Barker’s.

An overwhelming majority of people identified it as an Austin A60 Cambridge, that was in production from 1961 to 1969.

“It was built by BMC and the bodyshell was designed by the Italian styling house, Farina,” said Gerald Burnett of Richmond. “In the Sixties, this car was the definitive British family saloon.”

Derek Noble of Hutton Rudby was more dismissive. He said: “I'm afraid I don't have any interesting stories relating to this rather boring, middle-class, family car of the day.”

Among others who identified it as an A60 (some said an A55) were Peter Hudson of Crakehall, Phil Garwood of Northallerton, Tony Martin of Caldwell, Tony Tomalin-Reeves of Easingwold, Nigel Pritchard of Cowesby and Helen Alderson.

However, it was by no means unanimous. Two Ians, Messrs Gravestock and Wilson, called it as a Simca. “It was registered in North Riding between March 1962 and October 1964, and was French and rear-engined,” said Mr Gravestock of Yarm. “It was common in the UK but not all that popular compared with British small-car competitors.”

Perhaps we shall never know for certain.