NORTHUMBERLAND National Park Authority has formally objected to a bid by a local landowner to develop a new 43 hectare, largely conifer, plantation near Hadrian's Wall.

The proposed site at Wallshield is within the National Park and the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site corridor.

The objection is based on the "significant impact" it would have on the landscape and the need to carefully control any new woodland in the corridor. It also cited archaeological implications; its impact on ground nesting birds; and its impact on peoples enjoyment of the Park and rights of way.

John Riddle, Authority chairman, said the Park had a track record of supporting new woodlands and has a stated aim of increasing its native broadleaf woodland over the next 35 years on the principle of the right trees in the right places.

Due to inaccurate information received an earlier version of this story incorrectly said the bid was from The Forestry Commission.