THE British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) has forecast higher wool prices for producers over the coming 12 months.

Malcolm Corbett, chairman, said demand meant there was only 1.6m kg of the 2013 clip left so they were set to enter the 2014 season with no carry over.

Mr Corbett, who farms in Northumberland, said: “Demand has been high with sales in the last few weeks achieving clearances of 100 per cent, at higher prices than seen all season.

“No matter what the type of wool, it is well sought after as a tightening global supply is driving demand from all sectors.

“The effect of this market is that the average price of wool achieved by your Board is significantly higher than last year.”

Mr Corbett said the Board would take advantage of the strong demand and limited supply to achieve the best price.

The Board issued a list of breeds with their actual 2013 wool clip value (£/kg), after all operating costs had been deducted and excluding VAT.

The price in brackets is the 2014 guide wool clip value (£/kg) based on last year’s selling season. – Suffolk: £1.05 (£1.15); Romney/ Kent: £1.22 (£1.40); Texel/Lleyn: £1.15 (£1.26); Mule/Cross: £1.15 (£1.25); Cheviot: £1.25 (£1.37); Radnor/Beulah: £1.04 (£1.14); Welsh: £0.75 (£0.82); Swaledale: £0.40 (£0.42); Blackface: £0.96 (£1.05).