EAST Yorkshire farmer Phil Meadley (pictured) has joined the Monitor Farm scheme run by HGCA, the oilseeds and cereals division of the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

It is creating a network of 24 monitor farms around the country so groups of like-minded growers can share experiences and encourage the adoption of new technology and innovative practices.

Mr Meadley farms 250 hectares at Grange Farm, near Driffield, approximately four miles from the North Sea, as part of a four-way family partnership.

The farm typically grows milling wheat, OSR, pulses and winter barley.

During his three-year’s as a monitor farm, he is particularly interested in improving soil health, especially increasing the amount of organic matter in the ground, reducing fuel usage, addressing mycotoxins and looking at direct drilling and precision farming in general.

Mr Meadley said: “The soils on this farm vary greatly – sandy clay loam with patches of heavy blue clay. That’s one of the reasons I’m keen to investigate precision farming techniques, since several different soil types may be found in a single field.”

Harry Henderson, HGCA regional manager, said: “This farm unit is typical of many in the north, and is also interesting because of its location near the coast.

“I look forward to working with Phil over the coming months, and hope that many arable farmers in Yorkshire will be able to relate to the topics we will be addressing at this Monitor Farm.”

Grange Farm will host an opening meeting for interested growers in June or July 2014.