BYRON Evans did not have to think too hard for a name for his new company.

Customers at his sandwich bar often said the food was “proper tasty” so he chose that for the name of his new sandwich and hot and cold food delivery service.

Mr Evans ran Garthway Gourmet Sandwich Bar in Northallerton for two-anda-half years and gained a reputation for quality food.

During that time he began a sandwich delivery service which proved so popular that in October he sold the shop to concentrate on that.

He has moved to a unit in Binks Close, off Standard Way, which has been awarded a five-star rating by the local environmental health department.

Mr Evans and Ann Donegan prepare all the sandwiches and meals which are delivered by Dawn Fyffe and Denise Bradley in the company’s two newly liveried vans.

“We have just got the second van which also has a ground coffee machine in it,” said Mr Evans.

“We deliver sandwiches, salad boxes, home-made soups and hot meals, such as lasagna, and have targeted the prices to be competitive.

“We hope to expand into buffets and catering and to supply local shops and wholesale suppliers.”

Among the most popular sandwiches at the moment are the French Connection which includes crispy bacon, brie and cranberry chutney, and the Italian Job which features salami, mozzarella cheese and tomato.

Mr Evans said: “We are concentrating on Northallerton but I plan to get a third van in the New Year. I feel there is an opportunity to try and get into other places and may also look outside the town.”

The company can be contacted on 01609-760818 or at