Philip who?

2:53pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – I did not even know the new foreign secretary’s name until he was appointed.

Quarry danger

2:52pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – Last year, during a twomonth period of unusually warm weather, six people drowned in former quarry lakes across the UK.

Site issues

2:52pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – I note that a further Richmondshire District Council meeting to discuss the planning application for the housing development in Richmond on the site of the old workhouse at the corner of Cravengate and Victoria Road is to be held on July 29.

Unfair fines

2:52pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – If you thought your parking fine was unfair, you could be correct.

No more lycra

2:51pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – Enough is enough. While the Tour de France was a great day for an excuse to party, there was little choice with the road closures, and I wonder how different it would have been if the day had been pouring with rain?

Tour value?

2:50pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – Spending millions of pounds of public money on Le Tour was supposed to bring a great boost to the county.

Tour riposete

2:50pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – So Paul Lazenby says (D&S letters, July 11) that those who had the gall to object to and express our views on the Tour de France bike race are mealy-mouthed, are we?

County shame

2:50pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – As a Yorkshire woman presently exiled abroad you can imagine my pleasure at returning for a long-awaited holiday home this July. And, of course, the county lived up to all my expectations and was as beautiful and welcoming as ever.

Time for rethink

2:49pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – How can the decision makers at County Hall maintain a “review after six months” policy when they must observe the day-by-day rapidly dying economy of Northallerton High Street? It is completely irresponsible to stick to principles when the blatant facts speak for themselves as a matter of great urgency.

Garden thanks

12:12pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – On behalf of the trustees of the Richmond Landscape Trust, I would like to thank all those who kindly opened their gardens for the recent Richmond Open Gardens.

Right, up to a point

12:11pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – While agreeing with the majority of Timothy Wood’s comments on ‘Forces Merger?’ (D&S letters, July 11) there is one that I definitely disagree with him on, and that is that we would not need (even) one police and crime commissioner.

Add a cycle route

12:11pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – Surely now is an opportune time to include an integrated cycle path system in Northallerton’s redevelopment masterplan. It should be possible to have a track from Brompton to the Lees Lane roundabout and a traverse from the new estate on Yafforth Road to the Forum.

Free advertising

12:10pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – I was sorry to see Joe Willis having a whinge (Dales Life, D&S, July 11) about TV coverage of the Tour de France. They may have got a few castles in the wrong place, but the commentary raved about the scenery, the enthusiasm of Yorkshire folk, the organisation of the whole affair including camping in the fields, promise of heather on the hills later in the year – in fact, we had a free five-hour advertisement for the joys of the Dales, watched worldwide. My friends in the US watched it twice, on two networks.

I value peace

12:10pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – I would like to address the letter written by Paul Lazenby (D&S, July 11), wherein he refers to a set of mealy-mouthed whingers.

One volunteer’s tale

12:10pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – The Tour de France Grand Départ 2014 has gone now and those who were involved, either as spectators or part of the organisation will now be able to take stock of the impact of the cycle race and the interest that it generated.

A fantastic job

12:09pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – Let us not under-estimate the fantastic achievement of Welcome To Yorkshire (WTY) in bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire and showcasing the Dales and its stunning scenery to 190 countries around the world.

TdF memories

12:09pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – Now that the Tour of France has been and gone, the memory will last a lifetime and what a memorable occasion it turned out to be.

Supporting rail

12:08pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – In 2015, Scotland hopes to re-open the long-ripped-up Carlisle-Edinburgh railway.

Fracking impact

12:08pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – Was it deliberate irony or just a happy coincidence that your report on the honour for the wonderful hay meadows near Muker, in Swaledale (D&S, July 4) appeared on the same page as the piece about the Public Health England report?

Parking disaster

12:07pm Friday 18th July 2014

Sir, – In the late 1970s, Northallerton was a lively and thriving business community and retail premises were not easy to come by.

High stakes

3:30pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – Transparency is usually lacking where MPs from all parties are concerned. However, one can see straight through the reasons Messrs Brown and Darling are giving for backing the ‘No’ campaign for Scottish independence.

No secrecy

3:30pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – I read Mr Hoylake’s letter (D&S, July 4) concerning a group put together to formulate ideas for the future of Thirsk Market Place and found myself agreeing with much he said.

Jobs lost

3:30pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – It is claimed the monstrous proposed development at Scotch Corner will create new jobs, but how many jobs will be lost in nearby high streets and market towns, which will inevitably suffer a loss of business?

Alternative job

3:29pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – On Saturday, I cycled to West Burton as a spectator of Le Tour in order to see the race as it sped down Bishopdale below Kidstones.

Forces merger?

3:29pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – The peleton had only just left Yorkshire when the press offices of the South, West and North Yorkshire Police began issuing statements proclaiming how well the three organisations had worked together to police this spectacular event and I have no doubt they have good cause to feel proud of their efforts.

Disappearing flag

3:28pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – Can someone out there please give me the real reason why the Union Jack on the Tour De France route at Grinton Moor was removed two days before the race, even though permission was given to create it.

Le Tour spirit

3:25pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – Now that it’s all over, I wondered if all those who wrote to the D&S complaining about the inconvenience of the Tour de France coming to a road near them might realise what a set of mealymouthed whingers they sounded, especially when compared to how others entered into the spirit of a such a great sporting event taking place in our region?

Tour de Force

3:25pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – Many thanks to everyone who help make the Tour de France a huge success.

Le Tour triumph

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:24pm Friday 11th July 2014

Sir, – What a wonderful day it was! After all the months of reports and rumours – and it is difficult to know which were which – about roads being closed and potential long hikes/rides to reach the route, about heavy handed TdF sponsors/organisers’ reps forbidding anything on the route that didn’t come within their remit and possibly removing it, however innocent, about road repairs that may or may not be finished and then, in the week leading up to the Grand Depart, about a very nasty weather front that looked set to blight the whole weekend, come the day it was all magnificent – even the weather.

Food festival thanks

11:35am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – So many lovely people came to the third Homegrown Food Festival in Northallerton on Sunday and had a truly fantastic day out.

Thirsk trees process

11:35am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – The recent controversy in Thirsk concerning the destruction of the trees in the Market Place continues to rumble on. Shortly after the incident Cllr Gareth Dadd set up a so-called stakeholder/community group to examine possible options for the future of the pedestrian area next to the Clock Tower.

Birds walk memory

11:35am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – Looking at the striking photo of a redshank taken by an Askrigg reader (D&S, June 27) brought back many memories of bird life.

Oldest line

11:34am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – I refer to your article (D&S, June 27) about the 130th anniversary of the funicular railway at Saltburn and your statement that it is thought to be the oldest funicular railway working in the UK today.

Attractive town hope

11:34am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, - Darlington has always been an attractive market town, praised many years ago in John Horsley’s poem for its church spires and some green fields.

Town fuel prices

11:34am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – Regarding JM Binns’ letter (D&S, June 20) on the price of fuel in Northallerton, I agree completely with his views.

Cycle assault

11:33am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – On June 7 my wife, grandaughter and myself were on our way towards Deighton and we came across a group of cyclists. After two attempts to overtake them, one of them placed his bike in front of our car causing us to stop. He then came round to my side so I opened the window and he punched me in the face causing my nose to bleed and the onset of chest pains which was later found to be a heart attack.

Think first cyclists

11:33am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – Looking at the Roadwise advert in last week’s Le Tour supplement about cyclists I couldn’t help thinking there should be one which reads “Think Motorist”.

Event is left behind

11:32am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – Driving through Swaledale yellow bicycles and buntings adorn every village. It’s obvious anticipation of the forthcoming Tour de France is generating great excitement.

Wrong about vet

11:32am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – Malcolm Rainforth (D&S, June 27) objected to Gary Verity suggesting some who do not like the Tour de France might be whingers.

No home winner

11:31am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – I live in the village of Great Ayton where there is a planning application pending for the construction of 113 houses on productive farm land. There is overwhelming opposition to this development within the village and both the parish and district councils have unanimously rejected the proposals.

Ideas for parking

11:31am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – To clarify a couple of points in your item about High Street parking charges in Northallerton (D&S, June 27): the reference to 429 people employed by members of Northallerton Retail & Business Forum relates to those employed by just six of our number – the actual figure is much higher. Secondly, there was a reference to charges of 80p an hour following an initial free 30 minutes. This is not the case and is a misconception commonly held.

Deserted streets

11:31am Friday 4th July 2014

Sir, – Whilst I am always against further government interference in our lives, I never thought that the new parking regulations in Northallerton would make that much difference. People could still use the car park at Tesco and there was adequate parking space available in the Hambleton car parks, so what was to change?

Bicycle outline

12:01pm Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – Your report of a recent Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council meeting (D&S, June 2) referred to the land owner of Stags Fell refusing permission for the positioning of a bicycle outline on Stags Fell in relation to the Tour de France.

Parish's apology

12:00pm Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – On behalf of Hawes & High Abbotside Parish Council I wish to apologise to Richard Johnson, owner of Stags Fell over which the road to the Buttertubs Pass runs.

Darlington's covered market

11:58am Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – We totally agree with Councillor Bill Stenson regarding Darlington’s covered market.

Tour de France small price to pay for putting Yorkshire on map

11:56am Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – I feel terribly sorry for your correspondent, N Taylor of Northallerton who seems to have such a negative view of life and especially the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire.

No pipe dream

11:55am Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – So Gary Verity thinks those of us that don’t like his pipe dream (bike race) are whingers. Well here is a whinge to put in your pipe and smoke.

Barn that Rocks for charity

11:51am Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – I organise the annual Barn that Rocks charity concert near Patrick Brompton. I am very upset by the allegations in a letter last week which are both unfounded and mostly untrue.

Charity music night

11:49am Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – I was sorry Mr Lewis of Bedale did not enjoy his night at the Barn Rock (D&S letters, June 20), but perhaps his expectations were a little high.

Cycling club still active to carry on aims of its founder

11:46am Friday 27th June 2014

Sir, – I really enjoyed Nicholas Rhea’s grand tour of England as a 16-year-old cyclist (D&S Times, June 20).


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