Beware BT

9:39pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sir, – BT is running a nationwide ad campaign for broadband but be wary – I moved to this area on July 18 and I am still waiting for a landline to be connected. I had the fourth engineer here today to tell me he could not do the job.

We do object

9:27pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sir, – Your August 1 front page article reported on planning applications submitted for development in the Snipe Lane area of Hurworth Parish.

Hostels search

9:22pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sir, – Does anyone remember hutments in Guisborough or Stokesley which were occupied by the Women's Land Army? There is casual mention of them in articles but there appears to be no further information. Does anyone know anything about the Land Army at Crayke Castle, Dishforth, Thirsk or Catterick? Does anyone know if there was a hostel at Aldborough near Piercebridge? Do you have any photos of the hostels or social life around the hostels in Yorkshire?

Laptop lessons

6:33pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sir, – With reference to his letter (D&S, Aug15) a casual reader would assume that Cllr M T Gardner has now undertaken editorial responsibility of your esteemed organ, since he apologises profusely for a recent article that appeared.

Broadband progress

6:17pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sir, – Mrs Waudby (D&S letters, Aug 15) raises a number of issues about the rollout of broadband in North Yorkshire.

Offensive letter

6:13pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

Sir, – It is regrettable that you chose to publish Robert Paley's deeply offensive letter about unwelcome visitors to his antique shop in Hawes ("Dales Disneyland", August 15).

Skeeby truth

9:09pm Sunday 17th August 2014

Sir, – On Monday, July 28, at least six large vehicles parked in Skeeby to carry out road repairs. They managed to cause traffic jams back to Scotch Corner and also to Richmond. They also damaged a water main.

Bridge closure

8:54pm Sunday 17th August 2014

Sir, – Having lost the listed trees in Thirsk market place as a result of a decision which no-one seems to have been responsible for, we now face Blakey Lane bridge being closed for the foreseeable future.

Losing the plot

1:27pm Friday 15th August 2014

Sir, – You recently published an excellent article, by Hannah Stephenson, in which she outlined the threats currently facing many council allotment sites, where the land is being taken for building. Here in Bedale our Masham Road allotment site is not owned by the council but is owned by the church and managed by their Diocesan Board of Finance, based in Leeds.

Hawes checkpoint?

12:52pm Friday 15th August 2014

Sir, – As a regular buyer of second hand books, I feel qualified to comment on the views of Robert Paley (D&S letters Aug 15) and G Matthews, to whose earlier letter he refers.

New career?

12:04pm Friday 15th August 2014

Sir – Having read Robert Paley's letter (D&S, Aug 15) I had to check the date was not the 1st of April

History lesson

8:32am Friday 15th August 2014

Sir, – It is becoming obvious Darlington Memorial Hospital is being starved of funds.

I'm sorry

8:01am Friday 15th August 2014

Sir, – As the Richmondshire District Council member for Swaledale, may I offer my sincere apologies for the recent article that appeared in the D&S.

As you were

2:37pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

Sir, – The residents of Thirsk have been asked for their comments on the newly drawn up proposals to replace the trees and benches in our Market Square.

Thirsk remembers

2:03pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

Sir, – Events held over the week commemorating the First World War were thought provoking and a respectful memorial to those men from Thirsk, Sowerby and the surrounding villages who lost their lives or were injured.

Broadband survey

1:53pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

Sir, – I recently read that a survey is to be done by Digital Durham regarding the standards of broadband in County Durham.

Supporting business

8:50am Tuesday 12th August 2014

Sir, – Mr Brooks (D&S letters, Aug 8) accuses me of inconsistency.

Justify this rise

9:56pm Monday 11th August 2014

Sir, – Would the Leader of Hambleton District Council please tell us what the chief executive has done to justify the massive £25,000 a year increase in his salary, bringing his annual income to £125,000 plus, no doubt, pension contributions and fringe benefits.

A Yorkshire TT

9:49pm Monday 11th August 2014

Sir, – I agree with Joe Willis (Dales Diary, August 8), let's put Le Tour to bed now.

Poor substitute

9:33pm Monday 11th August 2014

Sir, – After a selection process involving under 600 of the 11,000 odd Conservative electors in Thirsk and Malton, (and an even smaller proportion of the 76,000 total electorate), the prospective parliamentary candidate to replace Anne McIntosh at the next election has been named.

Hawes Disneyland

9:28pm Monday 11th August 2014

Sir, – I have read the letter of G Matthews in your edition of July 25.

My record

11:03am Monday 11th August 2014

Sir, – I refer to Cllr Heseltine's letter about the Skeeby humps (D&S, August 8).

Open to all

3:42pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – No doubt in common with others residing in the Hambleton Council area, I recently received a letter regarding the new electoral register. This went on to explain that I was now listed not just on the electoral register but also on what it names as the “Open Register”.

Campaign victory

3:42pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – South Kilvington seemed to breathe a tangible sigh of relief when the news broke last Thursday that the Police and Crime Commissioner and the police had abandoned their plan to build a massive headquarters, police station and ten-cell custody suite on a green field site in the village, right opposite the village school.

Brave move

3:41pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – The decision by North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan to cancel plans to build a new police HQ at South Kilvington, near Thirsk, is a brave one.

County’s risk

3:41pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – It was disappointing to read the report in last week’s D&S regarding North Yorkshire County Council’s refusal to maintain the grass roadside verges so as to ensure the safety of the public.

Those humps

3:41pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – Over the last few weeks the Darlington and Stockton Times letters page has had numerous letters regarding the Tour de France and some regarding the speed humps in Skeeby.

Talk to me

3:40pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – I note in the D&S Times last week yet another letter from David Harker of Skeeby, typically peppered with misinformation and innuendos, and mainly concerned with directing abuse again at me.

Keep spirit alive

3:40pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – So the Tour finished in Paris; an Italian has taken the prize; now how do we follow that weekend when whole communities came together to deliver an incredible Yorkshire welcome to so many visitors?

Tour de Triomphe

3:39pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – Having so enjoyed watching the first day of the Tour in Leyburn the absence of knitted jumpers in Paris on the final Sunday was quite disappointing, but we needn’t have worried that the Yorkshire start was now all but forgotten after three weeks of intense cycling.

Village memorial

3:39pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – I would like to thank Bainbridge Parish Council and in particular Ian Canavan for erecting a wonderful memorial to the fallen of Bainbridge and surrounding area.

Town fears

3:39pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – I do not understand the inconsistency of Richmondshire and North Yorkshire County councillor Stuart Parsons.

County sense

3:38pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – I agree wholeheartedly with Kate Empsall (D&S letters, August 1) that our council should have the vibrancy and future of Northallerton High Street at heart.

Not well publicised

3:38pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – There have been numerous comments in the press about the 25 per cent increase in salary of the chief executive of Hambleton District Council Phil Morton.

Save our allotments

2:19pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – At the start of National Allotments Week (August 4 -11) it was encouraging to read in your paper the article by Hannah Stephenson (Weekend Gardening Aug 1) on the benefits which allotments have for communities and her advocacy of local people coming together to resist the loss of allotment land to ‘development’.

1914 memorial thanks

1:22pm Friday 8th August 2014

Sir, – On behalf of Yarm1914 Centenary Commemoration Group can I thank everyone who came to the events on August 2/3, and everyone who came to the candlelight vigil on Monday, August 4, and everyone involved in the planning of these events.

Less lip

12:31pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – The tone of a number of letters commenting on theTour de France suggests that the iconic Gallic shrug has met its match in the Yorkshire petulant bottom lip.

How insulting

12:31pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – With regard to the article, A triumph, now let’s reap the rewards (D&S Weekend, July 18), am I alone in my shock at reading what Susan Briggs, head of Dales Tourism Business Network, had to say? The “massive amounts of goodwill towards Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales” that she talks of, may well be cancelled out by one of her following statements. “We want less fit visitors.”

Ignore whingers

12:30pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – Few mind some complaining about the Tour de France or anything else, but complaining persistently in a peevish or irritating way is a dictionary definition of whinging.

No support

12:30pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – If the roads between Leyburn and Ripon are too narrow and dangerous for cyclists as claimed (D&S letters, July 25) then they must be absolutely perilous for users of motor vehicles. I suspect that Mr Green is not so concerned for cyclists’ safety but is just unhappy to share the road space with them.

Road rules

12:30pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – Chris Green (D&S letters, July 25) does not seem to realise roads are for everybody. The road between Leyburn and Ripon is not a super highway. It is possible to come across riders on horseback, walkers, joggers, tractors and trailers, as well as cyclists, yet he chooses to complain about cyclists. I wonder when he last read the Highway Code? Section147 – Be considerate etc.

Speed bumps

12:29pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – Having read the report of the Skeeby Parish Council meeting (D&S, July18) I would make the following observations: It was noted that once again none of the objectors were in attendance to engage in the discussion.

Soil erosion

12:29pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – I am sure that many of your readers will have been concerned to read last week’s article about the adverse impact on the River Cover of soil erosion caused by a recent cloudburst on the slopes of Great Whernside.

Trees plan

12:29pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – I am responding to plans put forward for Thirsk Market Place by Councillor Gareth Dadd (D&S, Jul25).

Looking back

12:28pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – I am Jacqueline Maddox (nee Mason), one of the children in the picture of the Richmond falls from August 1984. My mum and step-dad still live in the area, Catterick Village.

Night noise

12:27pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – On July 7 my wife and I spent a night in Darlington.

Worst fears

12:27pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – Your front page piece in last week’s edition on High Street parking affecting shopping brought home my worst fears over the future of trading for shops in Northallerton.

Parking regime

12:27pm Friday 1st August 2014

Sir, – It is of great concern that traders are suffering badly under the new parking charges regime in Northallerton (D&S letters, July 25), and some are thinking that in a few months’ time they might have closed.

Philip who?

2:53pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – I did not even know the new foreign secretary’s name until he was appointed.

Quarry danger

2:52pm Friday 25th July 2014

Sir, – Last year, during a twomonth period of unusually warm weather, six people drowned in former quarry lakes across the UK.


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