Weather Watch: Dry September as high pressure ruled the roost

10:02am Friday 24th October 2014

THE remains of ex-hurricane Cristobal came our way at the start of the month. They stayed way out in the Atlantic, allowing high pressure to build north-east across Britain.

Coldest August in years gives off summer blues

2:36pm Friday 19th September 2014

AFTER the decent June and July, August was a bit of a let-down. The first week or so was very changeable, with a few downpours and, at times, a brisk breeze. However, since it blew chiefly from the south-west, temperatures reached about average.

Fair winds gave April a traditional spring feeling

3:39pm Friday 23rd May 2014

WINDS blew largely from a south-westerly quarter during April, though there was also our fair share from between north and east. As a result, we experienced quite a variety of weather, but with no extremes.

Month of March should herald arrival of summer migrants

4:02pm Friday 14th March 2014

IT has been rather a quiet winter for local birdwatchers and February was no exception.

November gloom? It was the sunniest we’ve had in years

11:44am Friday 20th December 2013

LAST month was pleasant enough, considering it was November. There were fewer days of autumnal gloom than we’d expect and had even more sunshine than in October. With up to one and a half times the norm, it was the sunniest November since at least 2006. Winds were also mainly light.

Walking through wind and rain betterthan going for a run

4:21pm Tuesday 7th May 2013

YOU may have read in the news recently about American researchers who have found that, for the same amount of energy used, walkers experience greater health benefits than runners – including a greater reduction in the risk of heart disease.

Raw winds from the North made us shiverin cold March

3:54pm Friday 19th April 2013

MARCH was an unbelievably wintry month, particularly when compared to the glorious one last year. As then, high pressure governed our weather.

Sunshine and showers mixed with blizzards made a varied month

2:21pm Tuesday 26th March 2013

FEBRUARY began with a brisk westerly airstream, bringing a mix of sunshine and showers. Wednesday the 6th saw a brief blast of northerlies, but we were fortunate that we got away with no more than a few snow flurries, and that they didn’t feature again.

Cold snap brought snow andice after‘warm’ spell

Darlington and Stockton Times: WINTRY: a pheasant braving the snow

2:09pm Friday 15th February 2013

ENCOURAGINGLY, the start of the year was very warm. Up to the 8th, daytime temperatures averaged 10C (50F), 3.5C (6.5F) above normal.

Recounts of dales past have been reprinted

2:05pm Friday 15th February 2013

IN 1967, Margaret Batty, wife of the local Methodist minister, published a book, Gunnerside Chapel And Gunnerside Folk, and followed it in 1985 with Bygone Reeth.

December threatened to exceed sunshine seen in a terrible June

12:41pm Friday 18th January 2013

DECEMBER was yet another very wet month, the ninth on the trot this year. Fortunately, we missed the worst of several deluges that other parts of the country suffered.

‘Normal’ spell before the rain starts tumbling down

Darlington and Stockton Times: FEET FIRST: Stewart Barber walks through flood water near his home in Northallerton during the latest floods

12:54pm Friday 21st December 2012

THE first fortnight of November saw weather charts looking more “normal” than they have done for several months, with Atlantic depressions running north-east well to the north of Britain. Consequently, their associated fronts weren’t as active over us and, with the shelter of the Pennines, there was little rain.

August weather picked up - somewhat

11:00am Friday 21st September 2012

AT last, a mild month, the first since March, but it was no more than 0.5C (1F) above normal. Still, this was enough to make it the warmest August for three years. In fact, temperatures were very respectable until about the 21st. Alas, that’s all the month had to its credit.

Another month of wet and cool weather

11:00am Thursday 16th August 2012

JULY was another poor month, like the previous three – cool, dull and wet. It was very similar to June but with temperatures by day even lower than those expected, by about 2C (4F), though again close to normal at night. In the past 30 years, mean maxima in July were colder only in 2000 and 1988. Overall though, it was slightly milder than last year’s, when nights were chillier. Temperatures didn’t drop much after dark this time because of the generally cloudy skies. They might be a bonus in winter but not in summer. As a result, in places, it was the dullest July for four decades. June and July together were the dreariest for a century, with barely more sunshine than in March alone. That exceptionally warm, dry month is arguably the best in 2012 – so far?

What a lot of weather!

Darlington and Stockton Times: ON FOOT: the Saltersgate Farmers’ Hunt leaves Lockton on the North York Moors during November’s snows

12:06pm Friday 17th December 2010

WHAT a month! After a notable absence of extreme temperatures since the spring, the start and end of November couldn’t have been more contrasting, with records tumbling everywhere.

Gloomy end after sunny start

11:45am Friday 22nd October 2010

THE first six days of September were dry, sunny and warm. This made up a little for our mediocre August and provided a pleasant extension to the summer. Then, things went downhill quickly and the month drew to a close with a notably cool, damp week of autumnal gloom.

Dull and dry – but not for all

11:47am Friday 13th August 2010

AFTER three miserable Julys, our hopes for something a lot better this time, failed to materialise. July was on the warm side but, with less than threequarters of the anticipated ration of sunshine, it was the dullest July for at least ten years.

Arid April helps dry up the boggy ground

10:43am Friday 14th May 2010

APRIL was pleasant and outstandingly dry. It was widely the third most arid April in three decades. At Carlton, near Stokesley, it was also the sixth driest month of any in 26 years.

Warm end to March makes up for a bleak winter

1:25pm Friday 16th April 2010

OUR harsh winter carried on for another ten days or so into March. Although still very chilly, at least it was now pleasant with light winds, plenty of sunshine and hardly any rain or snow. At Carlton, near Stokesley, we had six completely dry days in this spell, the same number as during the previous four months.

March 19, 2010

12:35pm Friday 19th March 2010

THE persistent icy conditions over the last three months made this winter the coldest for 30 years but, except for those over high ground, we were let off relatively kindly, especially during February.

Temperatures and many records tumble

12:55pm Friday 12th February 2010

JANUARY was the coldest month of any across the region since January 1987.

Giant snowflakes in an old-fashioned month

11:52am Friday 15th January 2010

DECEMBER was an outstanding month, though perhaps for the wrong reasons, unless you relish really cold, wet weather.

Rainfall records were awash in November

Darlington and Stockton Times: ROAD TORRENT: Flooding in the main street at Gilling West at the end of November

11:55am Friday 11th December 2009

AUTUMN was relatively pleasant until the end of October, but then took a distinct turn for the worst. November was remarkably unsettled, very wet, windy but mild.

16 hours separate the extremes

2:08pm Friday 13th November 2009

OCTOBER was another warm month, as were August and September, but not quite so dry and bright. Both rainfall and sunshine totals were generally about those we anticipate.

Soggy start before ‘High’ holds sway

12:04pm Friday 16th October 2009

OVERALL, September was quite pleasant, being warm like August, but even drier.

Scotland in the front line, so we enjoyed a mild month

11:40am Friday 18th September 2009

THANKFULLY, although not a great month, August did show a vast improvement compared to July. It was on the warm side, quite dry and reasonably sunny.

Barbecues more likely to rust than sizzle

1:22pm Friday 14th August 2009

OUR British, barbecue summer lasted just two days at the start of July in the North-East, before the customary thunderstorms arrived.

A promising start, but summer gave way to snow in June

12:06pm Friday 17th July 2009

AFTER an excellent April, a decent May, and a very promising start to the month, June disappointed again.

May heralds summer at last

11:54am Friday 12th June 2009

MAY offered March winds, April showers, which we lacked during the previous month, and to finish with, a splendid spell of high summer.

April shines and lacks the traditional showers

11:42am Friday 15th May 2009

APRIL certainly continued the very upbeat trend which started in March. With temperatures about 2C (3.5F) above average, it was widely the third mildest April in the past 30 years, after those of 1987 and the outstanding one of 2007 which was 1C (2F) warmer still.

Plenty of sunshine after snow

10:58am Friday 17th April 2009

AFTER a run of mediocre months stretching all the way back to May 2008, March put us firmly back on a positive footing. It was generally the warmest and driest since the brilliant one in 2003. For some locations in the Dales, it was the most arid for 12 years.

An ‘average’ month of two halves

12:54pm Friday 20th March 2009

FEBRUARY was “average”, but I can’t remember any month with such contrasting halves, especially with regard to temperatures.

October surprises with a sudden, wintry snap

11:38am Friday 14th November 2008

OCTOBER behaved quite agreeably for much of the month, with close to average temperatures and lots of sunshine – more than in either August or September.

Wet then dry but sun remained shy

1:35pm Friday 24th October 2008

EVEN though high pressure appeared by mid- September and dominated the weather until almost its end, it was another wet and disappointingly dull month.

Summer turns up just in time for the school holidays

1:24pm Friday 15th August 2008

JULY 1 was dry, sunny and, in many places, the hottest day of the year up until then. Unfortunately, there was no repeat of this, or anything like it, for three disheartening weeks.

Flaming June just flickers then fizzles

12:46pm Friday 11th July 2008

AFTER the exceptional May, June was pretty ordinary.

May turns topsy-turvy and brings a touch of Saharan dust

11:33am Friday 13th June 2008

MAY was an exceptional month, producing extreme contrasts across the UK. Records for almost all the meteorological elements for any May were broken somewhere or other.

Month of April plays an April fool on us

11:39am Friday 16th May 2008

IT was the coldest April since 2001 in most places across the region with the average minimum temperature barely above January's.

Cool and wet month with a lion’s share of the wind

12:12pm Friday 18th April 2008

MARCH kept to tradition by coming in like a lion.

Illusions of summer by day but not in the earth

2:08pm Friday 21st March 2008

SUDDEN and extreme swings in the weather, characteristic of the past year or so, were again in evidence during February. This time there was a mild, wet and windy start and finish, either side of a dry, calm, clear and frosty interlude lasting over a fortnight.

None of us escaped a new year drenching

12:43pm Friday 15th February 2008

ACROSS the region, it was widely the wettest January for more than 25 years, apart from along the coast. Rainfall varied between 150 per cent and 250 per cent of normal from east to west. Accumulations ranged from about 90mm (3.4in) to almost a staggering 300mm (12in) up in the Dales, where one or two places suffered their worst drenching in any month since at least 1960.

A warm, wet and windy December

1:03pm Friday 11th January 2008

THE statistics for December show it to be a very average month but conceal the two highly contrasting weather types that we encountered.

Late rainfall brings end to driest autumn in 25 years

12:23pm Friday 14th December 2007

THE late summer and autumn dry spell lasted until November 17.

Octobre 19th, 2007

1:07pm Friday 19th October 2007

THIS year is turning out to be a right hotchpotch. The dry, warm and sunny weather during the last ten days of August pleasingly continued for the first fortnight of September.

Nice and dry at last, with just a hint of autumn on the way

12:54pm Friday 14th September 2007

AFTER the exceptionally wet June and July, August was quite dry. In most parts there was only measurable rain between the 11th and the 21st and this added up to about half the normal amount for the month. It was the driest August for at least seven years.

August 10th ,2007

1:07pm Friday 10th August 2007

THERE can surely be no greater variation in a month from one year to the next as was shown by this July and the hot, dry, sunny one in 2006.

Longest days, but very wet ones too

11:51am Friday 13th July 2007

JUNE will undoubtedly be remembered for its plentiful downpours and resulting flooding.

A lot of nothing after sunny April

12:45pm Friday 15th June 2007

AFTER the exceptionally warm, extremely dry and very sunny April, May was a bit of a letdown, notable only for its lack of anything to boast about.

As warm an April as ever has been - since 1659, at least

1:09pm Friday 18th May 2007

APRIL was a truly outstanding month - exceptionally mild, particularly by day, extremely dry and very sunny. Over Britain as a whole, it was the warmest April since at least 1659 - that is as far back as temperatures can confidently be estimated.

Cold snap means arrivals are a litle later

12:57pm Friday 20th April 2007

MARCH proved to be a rather quiet month for local birdwatchers. The mild weather at the start led to expectations of the early arrival of summer migrants but the cold snap put paid to that and generally most species were a little later in arriving than in recent years.


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