BUSINESSWOMEN across Hambleton and Richmondshire now have access to a new social network.

Promoted by the national network of Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE), the scheme aims to assist those women who may find normal business gatherings difficult to attend due to family or other commitments.

Tanya Cook, chief executive of A1 Community Works IT Training Employment Support, is championing the scheme.

She said: “We identified the need for a specific group aimed at women who work independently or as a partnership. They wanted be able to meet up face to face in order to ask each other advise, make contacts and act as a sounding board for their ideas about business.”

An initial meeting took place in Bedale to gauge support for the forum. Deemed a success it attracted women from diverse businesses such as an essential oil manufacture, sewing and dance exercise.

Ms Cook is herself part of WiRE.

She said: “Meetings will be held monthly although not on the same days and will be at various locations throughout the two districts of Hambleton and Richmondshire. Guests may attend twice without joining.”

For more information, see A1 Community Works Facebook page.